About Us | Big Shower Cap

It is our mission to bring a quality shower cap to people with long, large, massive, huge hair, so that they will not have to spend extra time before showering to keep their hair dry. We realized it after a decision to stop using a chemical relaxer to straighten our hair and after 2 years, also realized that we could not fit the shower caps sold in stores. And we want to share this convenience with you!

We are 2 Mothers with natural African heritage hair. Our family members have natural hair, braids and dreadlocks. Our friends have long Asian Indian hair and long European/Caucasian hair and we all wanted an option to not fight a towel on days that we were not planning to shampoo our hair. Just to put on a cap and not have our hair fall out of it or the towel unravel during a shower or bath seemed impossible, until the BigShowerCap.

We will soon be participating in Hair themed events and they will be listed on this site.

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