It is our mission to bring a quality shower cap to people with long, large, massive, huge hair, so that they will not have to spend extra time before showering to keep their hair dry. We realized it after a decision to stop using a chemical relaxer to straighten our hair and after 2 years, also realized that we could not fit the shower caps sold in stores. And we want to share this convenience with you!You can purchase your BigShowerCap now via PayPal. Shipping for DOMESTIC USA IS FREE, for quantities up to 10. Domestic shipping for more than 10 is $4.00 for every additional 5 caps. Email with questions for clarification if you need. For our International Customers add $8.50, per cap for each 5 caps or just for one. FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE OF THE USA, GO TO WWW.USPS.COM TO CALCULATE YOUR POSTAGE OR WE CAN FORWARD A PAYPAL INVOICE TO YOU FOR POSTAGE